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If you’re looking for information and advice as a carer, you are in the right place! The Carers Information Service provides information and advice on all aspects of caring.

How To... a Guide for Carers in Croydon

How to… a Guide for Carers in Croydon is a series of 11 factsheets, bringing together all the information you need to know as a carer in Croydon. Download the series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question about caring? Our FAQs are here to help.

We answer your top queries, including:

  • Am I a carer?
  • What discounts am I entitled to?
  • What's Carer's Allowance and am I entitled to it?
  • What's a Carer's Assessment?
  • How do I get more help or a break?
  • What are my rights at work?
  • Can I make Lasting Power of Attorney?
  • What would happen to the person I care for in an emergency?
  • And much more.

Read our FAQs now.

If you are looking for specific information or advice regarding your situation, please contact us.

Local directory for Croydon carers

Looking for someone who can help you? Find local services that meet your needs in our local directory for Croydon carers.

Carer's Assessments

Under the Care Act, carers of adults are entitled to an assessment of their own needs as a carer. Find out how Carer's Assessments work and make a request.

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