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New Year, new you?

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year? If you did, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 ComRes poll, 64% of us plan to make a change in January. 

Healthy living resolutions are the most popular resolutions, with 35% of us planning to lose weight, 33% planning to get fitter and 31% aiming to eat more healthily. But it’s not all about eating less and exercising more. If you’re caring for someone, your resolution might be something more like spending more time for yourself, sorting out your finances or working on your relationship with the person you care for. 

Making (and breaking) our resolutions

Sadly, our well-intentioned resolutions don’t always last very long. Of the 63% of UK adults who have failed to keep a New Year's resolution, almost half (43%) lasted less than a month. By February, many gym membership cards languish unused in drawers, whilst diets go out the window after a stressful day. 

Another way?

Rather than feeling bad about ourselves, perhaps the thing we really need to change is the way we think about change. Our Enabling Change workshop for carers on Tuesday 24 January, 10am - 3pm will help you think about how to make change happen without setting yourself up to fail. 

Facilitated by an expert trainer, workshop attendees will learn how to think about their goals and plan ahead for any hurdles that might get in the way. Whether your goal is big or small, this workshop will help you feel more prepared to achieve your hopes and ambitions for 2017. Booking is essential - to book a slot, call 020 8649 6280 or email

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